One of the unit in Snowy English level 1 is about numbers. The students learn how to count number 1 – 5 and say it along with the subjects, like “1 cookie, two cookies, three balls, four trains, or five rabbits“. After they fluent saying the words, the students also taught how to say it in full sentence such as “I have five cookies or She has 2 pencils” and many other.

To improve their skill, Snowy English likes to create fun activity in the class. Like in this number lesson, the teacher asks the students to make cookies from play dough. To make it more fun they make their own play dough. After dealing with the dough which make them more excited, it’s time to make the cookies now! Take a look at their creations.

Ana with her cookies, they look yummy!

Look at my cookies Miss…. said Simon

Kanaya even can make smiley cookies

Super Ben makes his super cookies!

They can bring their cookies home and show them to their family. One more thing don’t forget to count the cookies together…. 1 cookie, 2 cookies, 3 cookies, 4 cookies, and 5 cookies! Yaaayyyyy…. I like cookies!

^^Written by: itsmedeena^^


Halo Bunda! Pada Bulan Desember 2010 lalu Snowy’s English Bintaro menyelenggarakan Holiday Program untuk mengisi liburan sekolah akhir tahun agar lebih menyenangkan, bermanfaat dan tentunya penuh kenangan.

Banyak sekali loh kegiatan seru dan bermanfaat yang diselenggarakan selama holiday program kali ini, diantaranya Art & Crafts, Cooking Class, Social Visit, Science Project & Experiments, dan juga Go Green.

Selama Holiday program ini berlangsung anak-anak tampak senang dan antusias mengikuti semua kegiatan, yuk kita lihat apa saja sih kegiatan mereka!

Day 1 (Friday,  December 18) : Art & Crafts – T-Shirt painting, It’s my Specal Kites!, My Favorite Piggy Bank. 

T-Shirt Painting

It’s my Special Kite! 

My Favorite Piggy Bank!

Day 2 (Monday, December 20): Cooking Class – Poffertjes with Poffertjes Snowy Ice and Fun Choccolatos!

Day 3 (Tuesday, December 21): Social Visit – Visiting the Orphanage (Yayasan Sayap Ibu)

Day 4 (Wednesday, December 22): Science Project & Experiments – Ballonatic, Abraca Science, Eggciting 


Abraca Science


Day 5 (Thursday, December 23): Go Green – Trees for My Bintaro (Delman riding and tree planting), Sorting the Trash Competition, Back to Nature and Back to Indonesian Children, Traditional Games

Delman Riding

Tree Planting

Sorting the Trash Competition

Traditional games

Bagaimana bunda, menyenangkan bukan? Sampai jumpa pada Holiday Program berikutnya yang pastinya akan lebih asik dan seru!