Miss Snowy

Dear Parents,
Baby Snowy program is getting hot! Our baby SNOWY students are very clearly improving in their speaking, as well in social skill. One cloudy Thursday Dion, Flo, Sachio, Daffa, and Aqila were studying about vegetables. They made carrot puzzle, and then… here you go! They have the real carrots in their hands. They were excited to feed Miss Snowy, our pet rabbit which lives happily in the backyard.

They were so happy. We taught them how to caress the rabbit. They were even willing to hold Snowy in their arms. This activity improves their understanding about environment and living things.

We told them that Snowy has very bright healthy eyes. Why? Because Snowy eats carrot. We encourage them to eat vegetables. Even though they just stared at the teachers and did not say anything to reply, but I am optimistic that they understand what we say. The key of talking to small kids is, you must have the point of what you’re saying. Choose short understandable sentence, and do fun things related to what you are telling them. These kids are amazing!

Aqila, Dion, Daffa, Sachio, and Flo now can say the words carrot, potato, tomato, and rabbit. After feeding Snowy, they wash their hands. Washing hands is an activity that we do continuosly in Baby Snowy. Yes we know that babies are more sensitive of dust and bacteria compared to big kids. But beside of that cause, washing hands trains them to take turn. We are a bit strict of taking turn because it does really good for them if they know that they have to take turn, give to friend who stop at the sinkĀ  earlier, stay in the line. It’s nice to see how these kids learn about patience. We really see how they grow into better and better social individuals.

by: KeiSha