Snowy Loves Indonesia! ^^

In celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day, Snowy’s English Bintaro in colaborating with Cintai Indonesia Boutique hold an event called “Duta Cinta Indonesia”.

It held on August 10, 2012 in Snowy English Bintaro at 15.00. As the opening, Snowy’s English choir presented “Tanah Air” song to represent the Independence Day and related to the theme also. The children sang the song enthusiastically which can increase their nationality.

After the welcoming speech from Ms. Vienna (the owner of Cintai Indonesia Boutique) and Ms. Selvia Lirita (The Manager of Snowy’s English Bintaro), we went to the special event “Duta Cinta Indonesia” which presented by Snowy’s English Bintaro students. They wore Indonesia’s traditional costume and tell about each city heritage like food, landscape, and custom like shown in the photos below:

Tari and Wira represented the Betawi culture.

“We are from West Sumatera!” Said Rahma and Khalif.

Veron and Adel introduced Tari Saman to the audience. 

Marc and Alyla Talked about Dayak’s Traditional craft. 

“Empek-empek from Palembang is very delicious!” Said Naura and Arfa.

“Phinisi Ship and Coto Makasar are famous in Makasar!” Said Rara and Damar.

Raditya and karina wore Traditional Costume from Jogjakarta.

“Bali famous with its beaches like Kuta Beach.” Said Regita and Khannat.

For the winners, Ms. Vienna gave some throphies, certificates, and souveniers but the prizes not for the contestants only,  their parents and guests got free vouchers and souveniers from Cintai Indonesia Boutique. Congratulations for all the winners! ^^