Indonesia Independence Day

Before we had a long holiday,  Snowy English Bintaro celebrated Indonesia Independence day at 10th and 13th August 2012. The event started with native class delivered by Mr. Brian and Snowy English Bintaro teachers.

Mr. Brian gave a little story about Indonesia’s Independence day which celebrates every 17th August and showed some flash cards about Indonesia.

In the flash cards there were some games that always play to celebrate the independence day, like marble race, tug war, cracker eating, put pencil in a bottle, and many others. To feel the feast of Independence day, Snowy English Bintaro shared some experiences to the students by doing some of the games in Snowyland.

The girls were ready to do the marble race game

Time to race “Don’t make the marble falls guys!”

“Oops.. many marbles fell down!”

“They tried to put a pencil in the bottle”

“Come on you can do it!”

They’re making lines to do the whispering game

“Indonesia is my country” whispered Mr. Brian

Got some rest after the games

Sang “Hari Merdeka” song together before went home

Snacks for all the students after the games

Those were all activities Snowy English Bintaro’ve done to celebrate Indonesia Independence day. See you again in the next event with more story and game. M E R D E K A   I N D O N E S I A !!!!



In conjunction with Snowy English Bintaro 2nd Anniversary on 10th October 2012, we’re going to have:

Flash Card Competition

A competition that going to test our students ability about the study so far.

the event going to be held on :

Round 1 :

17th  September – 22nd September 2012 within regular class

Round 2 :

27th September – 29th September 2012 on Snowyland

Round 3 :

4th October – 6th October 2012 on Snowyland

Final        :

10th October 2012 @16.30 on Snowyland

Beside the flash card competition, we also want to celebrate Snowy English Bintaro birthday by swapping present. So, bring your present minimum price Rp. 20.000 and swap it with your friends on:

Place : Snowyland

Time : 15.30 – finish

Don’t forget to wear your best party costume and celebrate the party with us.