In celebrating the 2nd anniversary, Snowy English Bintaro hold a flashcards competition. The aim of the competition is to know about Snowy English students’ progress. So, along with the feast we can also review the lesson together.

The competition was held for 3 weeks which had the qualification in each class room as the first round. The second round was held on September 27 – 29 in front of the audience and judges. There were 3 categories in the second round which were:

Level 1 Unit 1 – 12

Level 1 Unit 1 – 6

Level 2 Unit 1 – 6

There were 3 games that the students had to do. First, they had to guess some of the flashcards that shown by the judges. If they could guess them correctly they would get 5 points for each flashcard. Second, students should built sentences from the arranging flash cards. Proudly most of the students built it perfectly and they got 10 points for each sentence they made. The last one was arranging flashcards game. Judges said the sentence first and the one who could arrange the flashcards earned 20 points. Finally, there were 7 best students with highest points went to the next round.

Still using the same rules and having the same games, round 3 was held on October 4 – 6. With more excitement the students came and ready to compete to be a winner. It’s not only the children who really excited but the parents also gave their best support for their kids. There were 5 categories in this round which were:

Level 1 Unit 1 – 6

Level 1 Unit 1 – 12

Level 2 Unit 1- 6

Level 2 Unit 1 – 12

Level 3 Unit 1 – 4

From all categories, only 3 students with the highest points could go to the final round.

The final round hold on Snowy English birthday party at 10th October 2012. Many students came to enjoy the party and the competition also. The finalist had prepared for their performance by reviewing the flashcards in the class with their teachers. After they finished with the competition, the participants had to join the party with others.

After having the cakes , it’s time to announce the flashcards competition winners. Each categories had 3 winners and it’s divided into each level. Snowy English medal was given to all winners as the reward.

Hopefully this competition could give more improvement to the students’ English skill. Beside that, having more confidence, experience and eager to learn are the best part from this competition. Keep your spirit to join in the next competition! VIVA LA SNOWY’S ENGLISH BINTARO!! >_<V


Together with students and staffs on 10th October 2012 Snowy English Bintaro celebrated their second anniversary. At 15.00 some of the students came with their best costumes and presents. Mr. Risky as the MC gathered them in Snowy land to sing and play while waiting for the others.

At 16.00 sharp the party began! In front of the crowds the MC greeted and tell about the run down. The students had to watch Snowy episode about party and decorate cupcakes with Snowy face made of icing fondant. 

After they’re divided into classes, the students  watched Snowy movie first and continued with  decorating the cupcakes by following the instruction from the teacher. They looked enthusiast doing all the steps together with their friends. At the end, their cupcakes looked really cute and tempting. Some of them preferred to  eat the cupcakes right away rather kept them in the box.

Finished with the cupcakes, it’s time to celebrate the party! Snowy English Bintaro already prepared for their mascot,  the one and only Snowy himself! yaayy!!! Some of the students were amazed with his appearance and wanted to get close to him.

Together with Snowy English Bintaro Center Manager Ms. Selvia Lirita, Snowy prayed and cut the birthday cake. After ate the cake, students were moved to the peak event which is birthday swap presents. In the line they had to take their present’s number. Some of them get the big one and some of the get the small one but they never know what surprise had been waiting for them.

Finally, closing wasn’t the best part of all. Snowy English Bintaro still wanted to have fun with all of them. But time was ticking and we have to end all the activities. At least Snowy English Bintaro already shared the happiness to their beloved students and parents. One for sure this event never forgotten. See you all at the next birthday party!