Tour de Italiano with Snowy English Bintaro

Hello everybody! We are back! How was your holiday? Where did you spend it with your family? Was it exciting especially for your kids? We hope so! Snowy’s English Bintaro also spent holiday together with all the students.

We held the holiday program for two days on 21st – 22nd June 2013. Now, let’s talk about the first day. We named it “Tour de Italiano”.

Tour de Italiano was a pizza making day, where children had to make their own pizza. We wanted them to have a life time experience. So in the future they will remember it and able to tell it to their family.

All the participants gathered in Snowy’s English Bintaro early in the morning. Before the children went to Pizza Express they had some warm up and short explanation about the activities in the Snowyland. After the explanation, the teacher divided the students into three groups for morning walk.

Look at the picture! We are so happy to go to Pizza Express.


come on every body, follow the leader!

Finally we arrived at Pizza Express and the manager greeted us. After that, the teachers divided the children into two groups. The first group joined the kitchen tour while the second group make the pizza. They had to take turn doing the activities.


While waiting for the pizza were ready, all the participants did the coloring to get the rewards.

Finally the pizzas were ready but the children had to get the pizza by themselves. They were really excited to enjoy their pizza. Bon Appetite!

After eating their pizzas, it’s time to know the winners for the best coloring and best pizza maker. They were…..


Finally Tour de Italiano finished. The children were very happy to have this experience. Thanks to the Pizza Express crews who helped us to make the best pizza. We really enjoyed our “Tour de Italiano”. Before we went home, let’s have pictures together!!


See you at the next holiday program….!!!