Snowy English Bintaro – Parents Talk Session : 5 Love Languages

On July 2013, Snowy English Bintaro held Parents Talk session with the special theme  : 5 Love Languages ( 5 Bahasa Cinta).IMG_2423

To be happy, Children need to feel loved. But if we speak different love languages, our affection might get lost in translation, affecting the child’s attitude, behavior, and development.

There are 5 Love Languages :

1. Physical Touch : rubbing, hugging

2. Words of Affirmation : supporting words, praises or what they have done well

3. Quality Time : spending quality time and activity together with full attention to them

4. Act of Service : doing helpful tasks for our beloved ones

5. Gift : giving special gifts

Knowing our child primary love language allows them to really feel our love and support in a whole new way; you are speaking their language and telling them that they are OK just as they are when we use and express their love language.

So if we know our partner’s and child’s love language then we could create a warm and loving family, because we have made them feel loved, supported, cared for, and important to us.