Snowy English Bintaro Charity Event News


We would like to thank you for your participation in Snowy Cares Charity Event. So far, until Tuesday, 25 February 2014, Snowy’s English Bintaro has received:

  1. Rp. 3.400.000,- [Money Donation]
  2. Rp. 700.000,- [Homemade Chocolate SALE by Snowy’s English Bintaro students]
  3. Rp. 1.610.500,- [Second hand goods SALE by Snowy English Bintaro]

Thank you for the participation of parents and Snowy English Bintaro staff in donating money and second hand goods to help the natural disaster’s casualties through PMI. We are still open for the money donation until 27 February 2014.

Should you need further information regarding these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us in our center [021-7458080]. Thank you


Snowy’s English Bintaro

In helping another we help ourselves to be better.




Please be informed with Snowy’s English Bintaro schedules for this February – March 2014:



1 February 2014               Native Class with Mr.Tony.
1 – 15 February 2014       Secondhand Goods Collecting Week.
10 – 22 February 2014 Homemade Chocolate Lollipops for SALE by Snowy’s students to support Snowy Cares.
21 – 22 February 2014     Snowy Cares Charity BAZAAR in parking lot
28 February 2014              Last day to submit the money donation for Snowy Cares Charity Event
3 – 8 March 2014              SHOW and TELL WEEK – LOVE –
24 – 29 March 2014         Fashion of the Week. To celebrate “Nyepi Day”, children are asked to wear CHECKERED clothes to identify BALINESE.


Should you need further information regarding this matters, please don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher or our customer service staff. Thank you.


Best Regards,

Academic Team



Snowy English Bintaro 2014 Charity Event

This February Snowy’s English Bintaro holds an Annual Charity Event which involves the students, teachers and parents to stand together in helping friends in need.

banjir BANJIR MANADO sinabung


To support this program, students and parents can participate in (one or several) of these activities:

–         Money donation ( starts in January until 27 February 2014)

–         Second hand goods donation (wearable/usable) such as : toys, clothes, shoes, books, bags etc ( for children and adults) until 15 February 2014

Parents can choose whether to have the items sold in a Bazaar on 21 – 22 February 2014 or donates the items directly through Snowy’s English Bintaro.

All of the contributions and total sales of bazaar will be donated to PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) in helping the refugees of current natural disasters (Manado’s Flood and Sinabung’s Eruption Casualties)

Thank you for your attention and your support.


“In helping another we help ourselves to be better”

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Snowy’s English Bintaro Parent’s Info

Dear Parents,        Image

It has been three years since Snowy’s English Bintaro opened and we appreciate your loyalty to us.In improving our service to the customers, therefore in 2014 Snowy’s English Bintaro have made new procedures to ease parents’ and teachers’ communication. The procedures are as follows:

1.The purchased Study Packs can be brought home except for Study Books, Activity Books and Flashcards. They will be kept in Snowy’s class for the convenience of Teaching and learning process.

2.We are happy to report that Snowy’s English Bintaro is taking steps to become more earth friendly. As part of our green efforts, now we are imposing paperless system. Here are some paperless documents that we will send it through parents’ email:

–         Mid-Term Progress Report (Final Progress Report will be given directly).

–         Weekly information regarding Snowy’s English Bintaro upcoming events.

3. All questions concerning children’s progress in the class and their activities including complaints and suggestions could be administeredin various ways below:

–         Handwritten notes in your child’s Communication Book/Journal.

–         Visit or Telephone Call to our center (021-745 8080).

–         Electronic Mail to

4.News about Snowy’s English Bintaro Activity/Events are announced also in or parents could follow us on twitter @Snowy-Bintaro. Also check out our Facebook: Snowy’s English Bintaro.

Thank you for your attention and your trust in Snowy’s English Bintaro.