Snowy’s English Bintaro

   Mid-Year Holiday Festival 2014


Snowy’s English Bintaro Holiday Program is back! Let’s enjoy our International Festival (France, Indonesia, and Spain) in 3 days.

Let’s participate in our mid-year holiday program:

    Friday, June 27th 2014 (9.30 am – end)

                “France Festival”

      at Snowy’s English Bintaro, sektor 9

ü  Getting to know France culture & Learning French Language                      

ü  Story telling in French Language with Mademoiselle Jane

ü  Cooking Class led by “Inos” – French Restaurant

ü  Watch “Monster in Paris”

ü  Making art & craft – “Snowy Picasso”


      Saturday,June 28th 2014 (10.00 am – end)

              “Tour to Gallery Indonesia Kaya”

         at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta(field trip; by bus)


Experience Indonesian history, art, culture, traditional games, music, clothes, geography, landmarks through digital multimedia.


Wednesday,July 2nd 2014 (09.30 am – end)

“Spain Festival”

at Snowy’s English Bintaro, sektor 9

ü  Explore Spain culture

ü  Learn Spain folks dance

ü  Create your own “Mini Pinata”

ü  Making Churros


Note: All classes will be called off on 27- 28 June 2014 and 2 July because of the holiday program.


Open Registration:

 10th June – 25th June 2014



 France Festival     : Rp. 150.000

 Indonesia Heritage: Rp. 100.000

 Spain Festival       : Rp. 100.000


Early bird fee for 3 days packages:Rp.325.000

(10th June – 21st June 2014)