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Dear Readers,
Snowy English Bintaro is deeply touched and feeling thankful for our customers who have stayed with us for more than four years. We gave them a little gift and also received their honest comments and critics for Snowy English Bintaro. Below are the list of parents’ names:
Thank you for Mr.Syarif Hidayatullah,
Mrs.Ella Emillia Kusumastuty,
Mahesa’s parents
Tiara’s parents

Here are the copy of their children progress in English during their 4 years experience with Snowy English Bintaro:
“Arfa understands an English text, TV show, and can communicate in English fluently. He is now confident in speaking English and regards it as an easy thing to do. He gets perfect score in English at school and his teacher said that he is the most brilliant one when it comes to English.” (Mr.Syarif Hidayatullah)

“Our daughter Nadya Belladonna is now confident in speaking English and her pronounciation is very good. Bella’s English scores at school are also almost perfect. My suggestion for Snowy English Bintaro is to add more practical practices and make more events that involve students.” (Mrs.Ella Emillia Kusumastuty)

“Javka’s cognitive skill has increased a lot and he understands English conversations. My suggestion for Snowy is to give information for parents about what will be given in class before the education starts.” (Mrs.Kiki Rizky/ Mr.Duska)

“Raditya and Karina’s English skill is beyond their average schoolmates skill and not only speaking, they are also good in writing after four years studying in Snowy English Bintaro” (Mrs.Ida)

This is Karina with her lovely teacher, Ms.Shinta

This is one of our loyal students, Tiara, being given a wall clock from Snowy English Bintaro:

Arfa, one of our loyal students with his Snowy wall clock:

Javka has stayed with Snowy English Bintaro since 2011. Awesome, Javka! Here is Javka with Ms.Dian:

We are really grateful and glad that we contribute to your precious children’s English skill. We hope they stay with us much longer and when they graduate, they can use their skill for goodness. A little gift from us means nothing compared to your trust and loyalty.

blogger: Ms.Keisha

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