Snowy’s 5th Birthday Party

Hello Snowy’s Friends!!!
What is the most important month of the year? Of course there is no such thing like that, but for us it’s October!! Because Snowy’s English Bintaro was founded on October, so we celebrated our 5th anniversary!!

This October we made a special theme for the party. It was a poem party and we made a poem competition. The students really did their best to contribute the rhyming poem! Well, some poems were not rhyming though. We still thank you for the un-rhyming poems but those poems definitely can not win the competition. We know that it is not too easy to make rhyming poem but we have been 5 years so it’s time to level up our English challenges, right?

So on October 10, 2015, we gave trophies to the poem competition winners and to the best students (students of the year)!

The picture in the left is one of our amazing young students. Her name is Dita and she memorized her long lyrical poem. She performed it in our birthday party!

This is Emma, Ms.Disti’s best student. But since Ms.Disti was not around so Emma took a picture with Ms.Keisha while holding her certificate and trophy. Awesome!

In the photo above, we can see the best students from each teacher:

Ms.Ru: Nadine
Ms.Disti: Emma
Ms.Keisha: Keisha
Ms.Shinta: Raivan
Mr.Wan: Lakeisha
Ms.Fany: Mikaela

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