Snowy English Bintaro 2014 Charity Event

This February Snowy’s English Bintaro holds an Annual Charity Event which involves the students, teachers and parents to stand together in helping friends in need.

banjir BANJIR MANADO sinabung


To support this program, students and parents can participate in (one or several) of these activities:

–         Money donation ( starts in January until 27 February 2014)

–         Second hand goods donation (wearable/usable) such as : toys, clothes, shoes, books, bags etc ( for children and adults) until 15 February 2014

Parents can choose whether to have the items sold in a Bazaar on 21 – 22 February 2014 or donates the items directly through Snowy’s English Bintaro.

All of the contributions and total sales of bazaar will be donated to PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) in helping the refugees of current natural disasters (Manado’s Flood and Sinabung’s Eruption Casualties)

Thank you for your attention and your support.


“In helping another we help ourselves to be better”

The pictures are not ours. credit to the owner.

Tour de Italiano with Snowy English Bintaro

Hello everybody! We are back! How was your holiday? Where did you spend it with your family? Was it exciting especially for your kids? We hope so! Snowy’s English Bintaro also spent holiday together with all the students.

We held the holiday program for two days on 21st – 22nd June 2013. Now, let’s talk about the first day. We named it “Tour de Italiano”.

Tour de Italiano was a pizza making day, where children had to make their own pizza. We wanted them to have a life time experience. So in the future they will remember it and able to tell it to their family.

All the participants gathered in Snowy’s English Bintaro early in the morning. Before the children went to Pizza Express they had some warm up and short explanation about the activities in the Snowyland. After the explanation, the teacher divided the students into three groups for morning walk.

Look at the picture! We are so happy to go to Pizza Express.


come on every body, follow the leader!

Finally we arrived at Pizza Express and the manager greeted us. After that, the teachers divided the children into two groups. The first group joined the kitchen tour while the second group make the pizza. They had to take turn doing the activities.


While waiting for the pizza were ready, all the participants did the coloring to get the rewards.

Finally the pizzas were ready but the children had to get the pizza by themselves. They were really excited to enjoy their pizza. Bon Appetite!

After eating their pizzas, it’s time to know the winners for the best coloring and best pizza maker. They were…..


Finally Tour de Italiano finished. The children were very happy to have this experience. Thanks to the Pizza Express crews who helped us to make the best pizza. We really enjoyed our “Tour de Italiano”. Before we went home, let’s have pictures together!!


See you at the next holiday program….!!!

Charity Bazaar from Snowy English Bintaro


In a lovely February, Snowy’s English Bintaro presented its love to all over the world. To raise the students careness to other people, PE Bintaro held a charity event as an annual activity. Together with parents and staffs, we collected our used belongings (still in good condition ) to be sold in charity bazaar. Many things were coming after the charity notification like clothes, books, shoes, bags, toys and many other things.






After more than two weeks collecting the stuff, at 15 – 16 February 2013 PE Bintaro opened the bazzar with many curious customers. The prices are around Rp. 1.000 – Rp. 10.000 from various items. The customers were intrested and crowded the place. The anthusiastic also brought more crowds from the street passengers. Not only an hour all the items were sold and collected more than 1 million rupiah.









All the profits PE Bintaro got were donated to Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro along with others donation from parents. PE Bintaro always visits the place not only to give the charity but also to teach the students about love and careness for each others. Hopefully, next year Snowy English Bintaro will able to give more for one that needed. Thank you very much for all parents, students and staffs for giving their valuable time and things to the charity.


Photos: Snowy English Bintaro

Snowy English Bintaro Batik’s Day

It’s the second day of Snowy English Bintaro holiday program. In a rainy day, together with the students we all went to Rumah Citra Bintaro to make batik. As an Indonesian, Snowy English Bintaro wanted to introduce Batik as Indonesia’s traditional costume. So, the students would know the steps to make it and proud to use it. 

At Rumah Citra, we all gathered in the hall and was greeted by the Manager. He welcomed us and explained about the history of batik and the equipments to make it. Before we made batik, we have to follow the steps.




1. First step

The children sat on benches to draw patterns on a piece of cloth. Rumah Citra already prepared some pictures that usually use in batik. They just copy the picture by pasting it through the cloth but they also allowed to draw by their own. Children and their companions were busy to finish this step.







2. Second Step

Finished with the drawing, it’s time for us to move to the waxing zone. As  shown in the photos, the children had to cover the picture with hot wax and canting as the tool. They had to be careful when applied it.Be careful guys!!!!






3. Third Step

After the wax dried, the children should colored their clothes. Sitting around the paints and brushes, they looked really serious. we can see red horse, green Snowy, Blue flowers, etc. Before we moved to the next step, we have to wait until the paints dried first. 




While waiting the clothes dried, Mr. Risky brought the children to the hall again to have games. The first game was reviewing the steps and tools that we needed to make batik. The next game was musical game and the children had to sing along with the song. After the game, the children can enjoy some snacks in goody bags together.





4. Fourth Step

It’s the last step of making batik. The children back to the waxing zone again. First the clothes were dipped in cold water with some mixtures. Next, dip the clothes in colored water to give a background color. Last put them in hot water to loose the wax.

Finally the batik process was finish. The children really happy to have their own made batik. Before they went home, they had to give nice poses with their batik. SMILEEEEEE…..!!!!!!












Photos by: Snowy English Bintaro

Fun Cookies Making in Snowy English Bintaro

On 20th December 2012, Snowy English Bintaro hold a Holiday Program event. With more than 80 participants, Snowy English Bintaro was crowded with enthusiastic pupils and parents. The activity started at 15.00 sharp and Ms. Jo as the MC greeted the crowds.



Had cookies as the theme, Ms. Jo brought her special guest to company her. Here came the Cookie Monster!! who couldn’t hear any cookie word and insisted to join the activity.

The children happily fed The Cookie monster one by one. “Now, I’m full!” said him. It’s a cue word for the children to start making the cookies. Yaaaayyyy!!!! shouted them out loud.


The children were divided into four groups to four classes. First, the teachers explained about all the ingredients needed to make the cookies. After that, cleanliness it’s a must for the production. so, they had to put plastic gloves on their hands first.



Next was mixing time. In the class, Teacher told the ingredients one by one like flour, palm sugar, butter, honey, and vanilla. After that, Children put all of them into a big bowl and mixed them altogether.




After the dough was ready. Now, it’s time for the children to roll and mold it. Using a rolling pin to flat the dough, the children looked enthusiastic to do it.



After the dough was flat and ready to mold. Teachers showed to the children how to use the mold on the dough. Now, the children were ready to shape their cookies into a heart, star, ginger snap and angel. After they shaped all the dough, the children had to put them on the tray and get ready to bake the cookies.



While waiting for the cookies cooked. The participants colored some pictures on a canvas as the next activity.






Finished with the crayons and picture. it’s time for the children to continue the cookies activity. In the class, the cookies were ready to decorate using the colorful icing sugar. The children decorated their cookies and spread some sprinkles on them.




Finally, they finished all the activities. It’s time to gather in Snowyland again with all friends. Ms. Jo and Mr. Risky already waited to announce the winner of the best coloring. The winners were taken from each class. Rainha, Tasya, Raihan and Sabrina were the winners. congratulation guys!!!!

Snowy English Bintaro was really happy to send the children home with a cheerful face and full tummy. See you on the next activity aaaaalllllll…!!!!!! ^^




In celebrating the 2nd anniversary, Snowy English Bintaro hold a flashcards competition. The aim of the competition is to know about Snowy English students’ progress. So, along with the feast we can also review the lesson together.

The competition was held for 3 weeks which had the qualification in each class room as the first round. The second round was held on September 27 – 29 in front of the audience and judges. There were 3 categories in the second round which were:

Level 1 Unit 1 – 12

Level 1 Unit 1 – 6

Level 2 Unit 1 – 6

There were 3 games that the students had to do. First, they had to guess some of the flashcards that shown by the judges. If they could guess them correctly they would get 5 points for each flashcard. Second, students should built sentences from the arranging flash cards. Proudly most of the students built it perfectly and they got 10 points for each sentence they made. The last one was arranging flashcards game. Judges said the sentence first and the one who could arrange the flashcards earned 20 points. Finally, there were 7 best students with highest points went to the next round.

Still using the same rules and having the same games, round 3 was held on October 4 – 6. With more excitement the students came and ready to compete to be a winner. It’s not only the children who really excited but the parents also gave their best support for their kids. There were 5 categories in this round which were:

Level 1 Unit 1 – 6

Level 1 Unit 1 – 12

Level 2 Unit 1- 6

Level 2 Unit 1 – 12

Level 3 Unit 1 – 4

From all categories, only 3 students with the highest points could go to the final round.

The final round hold on Snowy English birthday party at 10th October 2012. Many students came to enjoy the party and the competition also. The finalist had prepared for their performance by reviewing the flashcards in the class with their teachers. After they finished with the competition, the participants had to join the party with others.

After having the cakes , it’s time to announce the flashcards competition winners. Each categories had 3 winners and it’s divided into each level. Snowy English medal was given to all winners as the reward.

Hopefully this competition could give more improvement to the students’ English skill. Beside that, having more confidence, experience and eager to learn are the best part from this competition. Keep your spirit to join in the next competition! VIVA LA SNOWY’S ENGLISH BINTARO!! >_<V


Together with students and staffs on 10th October 2012 Snowy English Bintaro celebrated their second anniversary. At 15.00 some of the students came with their best costumes and presents. Mr. Risky as the MC gathered them in Snowy land to sing and play while waiting for the others.

At 16.00 sharp the party began! In front of the crowds the MC greeted and tell about the run down. The students had to watch Snowy episode about party and decorate cupcakes with Snowy face made of icing fondant. 

After they’re divided into classes, the students  watched Snowy movie first and continued with  decorating the cupcakes by following the instruction from the teacher. They looked enthusiast doing all the steps together with their friends. At the end, their cupcakes looked really cute and tempting. Some of them preferred to  eat the cupcakes right away rather kept them in the box.

Finished with the cupcakes, it’s time to celebrate the party! Snowy English Bintaro already prepared for their mascot,  the one and only Snowy himself! yaayy!!! Some of the students were amazed with his appearance and wanted to get close to him.

Together with Snowy English Bintaro Center Manager Ms. Selvia Lirita, Snowy prayed and cut the birthday cake. After ate the cake, students were moved to the peak event which is birthday swap presents. In the line they had to take their present’s number. Some of them get the big one and some of the get the small one but they never know what surprise had been waiting for them.

Finally, closing wasn’t the best part of all. Snowy English Bintaro still wanted to have fun with all of them. But time was ticking and we have to end all the activities. At least Snowy English Bintaro already shared the happiness to their beloved students and parents. One for sure this event never forgotten. See you all at the next birthday party!

Indonesia Independence Day

Before we had a long holiday,  Snowy English Bintaro celebrated Indonesia Independence day at 10th and 13th August 2012. The event started with native class delivered by Mr. Brian and Snowy English Bintaro teachers.

Mr. Brian gave a little story about Indonesia’s Independence day which celebrates every 17th August and showed some flash cards about Indonesia.

In the flash cards there were some games that always play to celebrate the independence day, like marble race, tug war, cracker eating, put pencil in a bottle, and many others. To feel the feast of Independence day, Snowy English Bintaro shared some experiences to the students by doing some of the games in Snowyland.

The girls were ready to do the marble race game

Time to race “Don’t make the marble falls guys!”

“Oops.. many marbles fell down!”

“They tried to put a pencil in the bottle”

“Come on you can do it!”

They’re making lines to do the whispering game

“Indonesia is my country” whispered Mr. Brian

Got some rest after the games

Sang “Hari Merdeka” song together before went home

Snacks for all the students after the games

Those were all activities Snowy English Bintaro’ve done to celebrate Indonesia Independence day. See you again in the next event with more story and game. M E R D E K A   I N D O N E S I A !!!!




“But, Mum, I do not want to eat. I am a big boy and I can fast,” Thabit told his mother.

“But you are fasting, Thabit. 7-year-old children eat in the morning and a little in the afternoon and then they don’t eat anything else till evening.”

“But you do not fast like that, Mum,” the little boy insisted.

“I am older, Thabit. Grownups fast that way.”

The young gentleman sat deep in thought and then asked, “Mum, why do we fast?”

“That’s a good question, Thabit.” She got up and went to the kitchen cupboard. She removed something from it.

“Do you know what this is, Thabit?”

“It’s a blender.”

“Do you know what it is supposed to do?”

“It blends passion fruit for juice.” His mother laughed. “Yes, it does blend. Our body does the same thing. It grinds the food we eat; it takes what it needs and removes the rest. It does this everyday, day in day out.”

“Doesn’t the body get tired, Mum?”

“It does. Just like the blender. When we have blended juice for too long, it refuses to work. Then it needs fixing. So we have to give our body a rest so it can work better for us. That’s why we fast in Ramadan and some other days in the year.”

“Does everybody fast, Mummy?”

“Not everybody. If you are ill or expecting a baby or if you are old and weak like Daddy’s grandpa or if you are 7 years old then you don’t fast.

The little boy thought some more. He ate the food his mother had set before him without much fuss. “What if you don’t want to fast?”

“What is your sister Nur’s favorite color?” “Pink”.

“And what is the color of her uniform for Madrassa (School)?” “Blue”.

But she says she’d like to wear her pink hijab when she goes.”

“And why doesn’t she?”

“She is afraid Ustaadh (Teacher) will punish her.”

“You see, she was afraid Ustaadh would punish her. Ustaadh will punish her because she has broken the rule of the madrassa by wearing pink.

You see, Thabit, Allah knows what is good for us and so we have to do as He commands, because He sees and knows everything. We love Him and fear Him and we don’t want Him to be displeased with us.”

“But don’t you get hungry, Mum?”

“Of course we do. But we keep ourselves busy on other important things to take our mind away from the food. We read the Qur’an, or we visit the sick people or we go to the mosque and listen to dars. You see there’s plenty to do and before you know it, it’s time to eat!”

“Is there another reason why Muslims fast?”

“Yes. You are lucky, Thabit, because you have food everyday. Not everyone has food to eat.”

“Like the poor people at Baroda Road?”

“Yes, like them. If we go hungry like them, we will be able to understand that they need help.”

The little boy seemed satisfied with the answers, his mother had given him. “Mum, can I go with you and Daddy to help the poor?” “By the Grace of Allah, you can.”


Tk AULIYA visited Snowy English Bintaro

On 24th April 2012 , TK AULIYA visited Snowy English Bintaro . They wanted to learn about “English is Fun”. So the teachers from Snowy English Bintaro prepared fun and entertaining lesson plan for them. Do you want to know?

Story telling by Mr.Brian ^^

Look , they were very excited ..

 The children were so smart …

We made Family Tree …yeaayyy ^^

Wow, family tree ..

Snowy English Bintaro was so happy when the children from TK AULIYA ‘s came, because they’re very smart and independent. Thank you for visiting us ^^ .


Snowy English Bintaro