Snowy English Bintaro 2014 Charity Event

This February Snowy’s English Bintaro holds an Annual Charity Event which involves the students, teachers and parents to stand together in helping friends in need.

banjir BANJIR MANADO sinabung


To support this program, students and parents can participate in (one or several) of these activities:

–         Money donation ( starts in January until 27 February 2014)

–         Second hand goods donation (wearable/usable) such as : toys, clothes, shoes, books, bags etc ( for children and adults) until 15 February 2014

Parents can choose whether to have the items sold in a Bazaar on 21 – 22 February 2014 or donates the items directly through Snowy’s English Bintaro.

All of the contributions and total sales of bazaar will be donated to PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) in helping the refugees of current natural disasters (Manado’s Flood and Sinabung’s Eruption Casualties)

Thank you for your attention and your support.


“In helping another we help ourselves to be better”

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Show and Tell Event

Snowy English Bintaro is back with a new activity. To improve our students’ English skill we’d like to make a “Show and Tell” event. This activity will be held every first week of the month. So, Snowy English Bintaro will give an opportunity to all children to expand their knowledge about things around them. With the help of parents and teachers, they have to make their own story. For the May “Show and Tell” event, The students already practiced at home or at Snowy. Not only the story, they also have to sing a song related to the theme given.

For the next event, the theme is about their “favorite color.” Each child has to tell a story about color they like the most and explain why do they like it. Not only that, They have to bring things that have specific color like, toys, t-shirt, hat, or even a pillow. Meanwhile, the teachers have to prepare the song about color for their classes. The next show will be performed in May 1 – 7, 2013 at the classes hour without disturbing the class session. Snowy English Bintaro welcomes to all parents who want to watch their children performance.

Be There and Watch our students progress in English ^_^ See youuuuuuuuuu at Snowy English Bintaro…….!!!!!!!!


[INFO] Snowy English Bintaro Year-End Holiday Program 2012


Snowy’s English Bintaro Holiday Program is back!

With a new concept of visiting exciting place!
Let’s participate in our year-end Holiday Program!

December 20th 2012, 3pm – end
Snowy’s Baking Class and Coloring on canvas
At Snowy’s English Bintaro

December 21st 2012, 3pm – end
Fun Batik Crafting
At Taman Wisata Keramik Citra, Graha Bintaro

Be sure you don’t miss our fantastic Holiday Program!

Registration: 28 November – 8 December 2012
1 day package Rp. 120.000
2 days package Rp. 200.000
*Presale 2 days package Rp. 190.000 (Special price only on 26-28 November)

For more information contact us on :
Facebook : Snowy English Bintaro
Blog :
Twitter : Snowy_Bintaro
Phone : (021) 745 8080

Snowy English Bintaro