Perubahan Nama Kursus

snowy-waDear Parents,

Kami dari PT. NMC ingin menginformasikan mengenai perubahan nama kursus kami yang baru yaitu Snowy English. PT. NMC adalah lembaga pendidikan bahasa Inggris anak yang berpengalaman, pemegang lisensi Pingu’s English Bintaro tahun 2010-2016.

Untuk informasi lebih lengkap, dapat mengunjungi website kami di:

Terima kasih atas kerja sama dan kepercayaannya, komitmen kami untuk selalu memberikan yang terbaik dalam pelayanan pengajaran Bahasa Inggris buah hati Bapak dan Ibu.

Snowy’s Charity Event

Hello Friends,

Here is a recap of our long, annual effort to grow as a better company not only in our main service, that is education, but also in giving social impact. Like every year, we hold secondhand stuffs Bazaar and sell handmade things to gain money for charity.

Thank you for purchasing our Slime, Oreo cheesecake, Potato Dog, Grilled Sausages, and Pie during Movie Week. You have participated in donating money to the orphan houses. Some parents also dropped their secondhand stuffs for us to resell it to gain more money. As a result, we raised up to Rp.10.700.000 for charity. We can not say anything else than thank you, we really appreciate your involvement.

On 17 March 2016 we distributed the money to Yayasan Sayap Ibu, Rumah Thafidz, and Bina Yatim Bintaro. Going to Sayap Ibu also means social field trip for our students. They can see and greet the kids in Yayasan Sayap Ibu.


Thank you for reading!


Snowy’s 5th Birthday Party

Hello Snowy’s Friends!!!
What is the most important month of the year? Of course there is no such thing like that, but for us it’s October!! Because Snowy’s English Bintaro was founded on October, so we celebrated our 5th anniversary!!

This October we made a special theme for the party. It was a poem party and we made a poem competition. The students really did their best to contribute the rhyming poem! Well, some poems were not rhyming though. We still thank you for the un-rhyming poems but those poems definitely can not win the competition. We know that it is not too easy to make rhyming poem but we have been 5 years so it’s time to level up our English challenges, right?

So on October 10, 2015, we gave trophies to the poem competition winners and to the best students (students of the year)!

The picture in the left is one of our amazing young students. Her name is Dita and she memorized her long lyrical poem. She performed it in our birthday party!

This is Emma, Ms.Disti’s best student. But since Ms.Disti was not around so Emma took a picture with Ms.Keisha while holding her certificate and trophy. Awesome!

In the photo above, we can see the best students from each teacher:

Ms.Ru: Nadine
Ms.Disti: Emma
Ms.Keisha: Keisha
Ms.Shinta: Raivan
Mr.Wan: Lakeisha
Ms.Fany: Mikaela

Summer Vibe in Snowy Summer Course 2015

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since we write in here, I know. So how was your school holiday?? I am sure some of you joined our Holiday Program during June to July, right??

We had a lot of things going on back then. There was India Day, German Day, and Phonics & Reading Comprehension Program. Our Phonics & RC Program was opened for public and we met new faces. So exciting! We were not only learning how to read and how to understand a text, but we also made a lot of things such as art ‘n craft and science projects. Oh! Even cooking project! The kids enjoyed our activities very much and you can see their photos here… is there your son or daughter here?


Snowy Bintaro became somewhat like a witch cave where we created and formulated a lot of witch crafts for the program. Haha! Kidding. It was educational crafts, not witch crafts.  This program is proven effective to enhance the kids reading skill. Some of our students were in Phonics ABC, which means they could not read at all. But when he or she was out of the program, their last class was Phonics Learn To Read, no longer Phonics ABC. In just two weeks, they mastered the letter sounds and then in to the blending sounds — which is more advanced. Please give feedback about our program if you joined it and see you in next events!

Snowy Loyal Customers

Dear Readers,
Snowy English Bintaro is deeply touched and feeling thankful for our customers who have stayed with us for more than four years. We gave them a little gift and also received their honest comments and critics for Snowy English Bintaro. Below are the list of parents’ names:
Thank you for Mr.Syarif Hidayatullah,
Mrs.Ella Emillia Kusumastuty,
Mahesa’s parents
Tiara’s parents

Here are the copy of their children progress in English during their 4 years experience with Snowy English Bintaro:
“Arfa understands an English text, TV show, and can communicate in English fluently. He is now confident in speaking English and regards it as an easy thing to do. He gets perfect score in English at school and his teacher said that he is the most brilliant one when it comes to English.” (Mr.Syarif Hidayatullah)

“Our daughter Nadya Belladonna is now confident in speaking English and her pronounciation is very good. Bella’s English scores at school are also almost perfect. My suggestion for Snowy English Bintaro is to add more practical practices and make more events that involve students.” (Mrs.Ella Emillia Kusumastuty)

“Javka’s cognitive skill has increased a lot and he understands English conversations. My suggestion for Snowy is to give information for parents about what will be given in class before the education starts.” (Mrs.Kiki Rizky/ Mr.Duska)

“Raditya and Karina’s English skill is beyond their average schoolmates skill and not only speaking, they are also good in writing after four years studying in Snowy English Bintaro” (Mrs.Ida)

This is Karina with her lovely teacher, Ms.Shinta

This is one of our loyal students, Tiara, being given a wall clock from Snowy English Bintaro:

Arfa, one of our loyal students with his Snowy wall clock:

Javka has stayed with Snowy English Bintaro since 2011. Awesome, Javka! Here is Javka with Ms.Dian:

We are really grateful and glad that we contribute to your precious children’s English skill. We hope they stay with us much longer and when they graduate, they can use their skill for goodness. A little gift from us means nothing compared to your trust and loyalty.

blogger: Ms.Keisha

Snowy Goes To Yayasan Sayap Ibu

Dear Parents,

What is a greater feeling than the feeling after we give to those who are in need? Playing with our pets. Sorry, just kidding. Yes, it feels so good to help, it feels so good to be good.  Especially when those whom we help are kids.

In this post we would like to thank you for your unused stuffs like purses, dolls, clothes — that you gave to Snowy Bazaar. All the profit goes to Sayap Ibu Foundation and YKAKI (Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia).

Not only doing charity, we also invite your children to come with us to Yayasan Sayap Ibu. Isn’t it good to acknowledge our students that there are children too, just like them, but they don’t live with their parents, and they are disabled. Even though they don’t live like most children, they are also our friends and friends help each other.

So it was a nice Tuesday morning, we gathered in Snowy Land to listen to Mr.Wawan’s briefing. Mr.Wawan told the students once again where we were heading to, and what we should do there. We should smile and say hello. After that, we would sing together.

We practiced the song again for the last time before we sang it with our friends in Sayap Ibu Foundation. The song is Sherina’s “Persahabatan”. If you happen to be a 90s kid, you probably know this song.

Arrived at Sayap Ibu Foundation in Graha Bintaro, we sat calmly in the joglo house where we are surrounded by green view and breathe fresh air. It was so nice!


We were greeted by the public relation officer of the foundation. By the time we visited, there was a visit too from Russian people. Mr.Dodi, the PR man who was our “tour guide” later on —  explain to us that most of the orphans were not in the house that time because they were in school. But the rest were in the rooms, doing physical therapies.


And then we straightly went visiting the rooms and our students were somehow scared to see their friends in Sayap Ibu. Well, first time of everything maybe is not so fun, but the sooner you see the world, the better. 🙂



But one of our students, Gabrielle was very brave and she looked fine with the orphans. 🙂


Even though the orphans are ill and disabled, we could see that they really love each other. A child comforted another child who was crying in pain. That really broke our hearts.

Sayap Ibu Foundation Bintaro has several kinds of therapy room, and a classroom. They also have a playground which is very nice. We spent an hour looking around and we gathered again in the joglo to give some parcels to the officer and sing together.



That’s all we can deliver to you through this blog post. We also would like to say thank you for parents who lent their cars for this heart-breaking trip on unforgettable Tuesday morning. Snowy Cares 2015 is finally done and we pray God will strengthen us all physically, mentally so we can do more charities.

Jumpers Graduation Ceremony

Oh Dear! Nothing feels as good as accomplishment. What feels good to you, Snowy Friends? Let’s remember a day when you feel good, remember your good days. I guess those are not easy days, actually. Those are days when you do something, when you conquer something. When you do something that make you feel good, it’s a bliss. So that’s how our students feel! These young thinkers have passed the CYLET (Cambridge Young Learners English Tests)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Saturday, January 24, 2015, the CYLET Certificates were finally handed to the children. To give the certificates, Snowy English Bintaro has succesfully held a ceremony. The Snowy Land was beautifully decorated and there were chairs with the graduates names on the back.


That hot Saturday afternoon, we had a blast not only with our students but also with their parents! We invited them to watch their loved ones receiving the certificate on stage, and to party! We had potluck party! It was a succesful ceremony because of you, parents! So, thank you very much!


There were any kind of foods you wish — in the blue room. From Indonesian famous Sate Ayam to Westerd comfort food like Macaroni Schotel, the parents made that imagination happen. Hihihi 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, thank you for coming, for participating in the amazing potluck party, and last but not least, thank you for trusting your children English skill to Snowy English Bintaro!

“Jumpers Graduation Ceremony 2015”                                                                                     Master of Ceremony: Ms.Dina                                                                                                         Event Coordinators: Ms.Fany and Mr.Wawan

For suggestion or any kind of thoughts, please drop a comment! We would like to hear from you too 🙂

Holiday Program 2015: Find What You Need The Most

Hello! After a busy week finally we can deliver you the happiness in Holiday Program last year where we went to a fun and educational place called Froggy Edutography in BSD, Tangerang. What’s so cool about Froggy? If you have ever heard about Howard Gardner‘s Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory to find in what field we will excel, or if you have ever heard Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, then those two giants of children development theories — are what Froggy is all about.

We believe we would learn much from our trip to Froggy since the man behind Froggy’s educational programs is DR. Seto Mulyadi or our famous Kak Seto! So here is how it rolled from Snowy English Bintaro…

On Tuesday, December 23, 2014, we arrived at Froggy in the morning . We listened the briefing from Froggy team where they made us understand the rules and rewards during the trip. (Yes, there were rewards too if we can answer their quizzes!)


We went into the Multiple Intelligences rooms. They have Intrapersonal Room, Logical Room, Visual Spatial Room, Kinesthetic Room, and Musical Room. By spending some times in each room with different activities for each, we could see the kids who really enjoyed themselves in certain rooms. So that really helped to discover what type of learner your child is.

IMG_9309One of the important activities we did in Froggy was planting. Yes, kids should learn how to grow something! The Froggy team was very smart. They showed us how to plant a flower just with a gel-like substance. Shortly said, our Holiday Program last year was a hit! 😀


See you in the next Snowy Holiday Program!!

Spain Festival @ Snowy English Bintaro

Thanks to all students for participating in Snowy Holiday Program. We hope this event has given more insights, knowledge and of course fun for the children in knowing Spain culture.

Thanks for all the staffs for a job well done in making this a successful event…… 

See you again in the next holiday program….