Show and Tell Event

Snowy English Bintaro is back with a new activity. To improve our students’ English skill we’d like to make a “Show and Tell” event. This activity will be held every first week of the month. So, Snowy English Bintaro will give an opportunity to all children to expand their knowledge about things around them. With the help of parents and teachers, they have to make their own story. For the May “Show and Tell” event, The students already practiced at home or at Snowy. Not only the story, they also have to sing a song related to the theme given.

For the next event, the theme is about their “favorite color.” Each child has to tell a story about color they like the most and explain why do they like it. Not only that, They have to bring things that have specific color like, toys, t-shirt, hat, or even a pillow. Meanwhile, the teachers have to prepare the song about color for their classes. The next show will be performed in May 1 – 7, 2013 at the classes hour without disturbing the class session. Snowy English Bintaro welcomes to all parents who want to watch their children performance.

Be There and Watch our students progress in English ^_^ See youuuuuuuuuu at Snowy English Bintaro…….!!!!!!!!


Let’s Have Fun in Yellow Room

At this time, Snowy English Bintaro wants to introduce some classes that we have. There are five classes like Yellow Room, Blue Room, Purple Room, Green Room, and Red Room. With these colorful classes, Snowy English Bintaro believes these will bring the good mood to the children to do the activity. For this moment, we would like to introduce “Yellow Room.”

In this room, Ms. Inez and Mr. Wawan take in charge to handle the students . With a nice and cheerfully personality, They both always create many interesting activities. Most of the students enjoy their time in Snowy, especially in Yellow Room. Here are the classes that they have with their enthusiastic children.




Level 1 : Nina

Nina is an adorable student who often wears her favorite hat to Snowy. She enjoys coloring and playing computer in Classroom activities. And also, she really likes playing the slide with her teachers. Nina is very talkative and she has a cute way of talking which is very popular in Snowy. Hehehehee..





Level 1 : Farah, Nasya, Christy, Damara, Daffa, Dena

 This class is very exciting. The children are very interactive and playful. Dena is a funny girl who likes to laugh and play with her friends. Nasya is our little teacher’s assistant who likes to help out her teacher and friends. Farah is the sweet girl who likes to do art and craft. Christy is the cute girl who likes all things about princess. Daffa is an independent boy who does his work very carefully. Damara is the brave boy who likes to tell stories about himself.





Level 1 : Putri, Andra, Nathan, Marwah, Jojo

 In this class, we have Putri who likes to tell stories, Andra who enjoys singing, Nathan who is very funny and cute, Marwah who is very sweet and calm, and Jojo. This class enjoys playing flashcard games. They get very excited when they are playing it. Their favorite flashcard game is the shuffle cards game. Each of them get their turns in shuffling the Snowy Flashcards.




Lizzy – Rey – Malia’s Class

 We have studied about garden with Miss Inez. Today, we are going to draw the garden together on the board. We use chairs so we are tall enough to reach the whiteboard. Oh look, Malia is still standing on the chair. Lizzy draws the birds and butterfly. Rey draws a pond with the help from Malia. What a lovely garden.






Level 3 : Kirana, Lala, Matthew, Arfa

 It is storybook time, yeay!  Today, we are reading about the fish in the sea. We are so excited to read this big book together. We are learning about many types of fish. Kirana likes the long-nose fish, Lala likes the spotty fish, Matthew likes the bee fish, and Arfa likes the pineapple fish. We like all the fish in the sea.




Level 1 : Bill, Kirano, Alif

 The kids in this class are very fluent in English. They talk in English all the time. If one speaks Bahasa, the other will remind his friend by saying “Speak English, please”. Very adorable and smart students. They enjoy playing blocks and Snowy figurines. And today, they made fish from old newspapers. We are learning to reuse old stuff for art and crafts.






Level 1 : Michael, Nathan, Dhiyanti

 All the happy faces while doing the activity book in the class. In this class, there are Michael, Nathan, and Dhiyanti. Dhiyanti is a sweet girl who likes to color. Nathan is the talkative one who likes fish. Michael, as known as Dede, who is very energetic likes Thomas The Train. They all study and play together in Yellow Room.






Zidane – Regita – Talitha’s Class

 Zidane, Regita, and Talitha are the elementary students who study English in Snowy. They like to play Hangman, Stop the bus, and Bingo games for free time inside the class. They are very communicative in English and they are good in learning the English grammar.







Level 2 : Keca, Azka, Indy

Today, we are learning about Snowy is sick by using the flashcards. Keca likes the nurse because nurse helps Snowy to get better. Azka likes the lollipop because it tastes very sweet. Indy chooses Snowy hurts his foot and she wants to help Snowy.






Level 1 : Rasky, Rafael, Putri, Faranikka

The children are very happy today. They are excited to make pancakes. Rafael likes his pancakes with milk and cheese. Rafael doesn’t want any cheese on his pancake, only cheese he said. Putri keeps asking for more cheese while eating the pancake. And faranikka, loves pancake so much she keeps asking for more pancake. At the end, the go home with a full tummy.





Level 1 : Bita, Jasee, Claire, Afa

 Bita, Jasee, Claire and Afa just finished making a snake from letter S. Today they are learning about letter S. Afa likes S for socks, Claire likes S for Snowman, Jasee likes S fro Sun, and Bita likes S for Star. They play game with the flashcards and color the big letter S. So fun!

See you again with another story about our classes! Enjoy the reading