Tour to the Farm with Snowy English Bintaro

Hello everybody…!! Have you read our holiday program “tour de Italiano” ? now, it’s time to tell you about our second holiday program “tour to the farm”.

In the morning of 22nd of June we were ready to visit the mini farm in BFC Bintaro. This time the children would meet many animals and learn to love the animals and nature more.

At the BFC mini farm, parents and kids gathered at the back yard to hear the instructions. The children were divided into groups with teachers as the leaders. After they heard the explanation, all of the participants walked together to the farm. Once we arrived, the BFC owner Mr. Cuncun guided us to the audio hall to watch a short video about animals that lived in BFC mini farm. He also gave some question based on the video. The one who could answer it would get a souvenir from him.

After we watched the video, the participants were ready to continue the activities. First, we went to rabbit village…the guide informed us how to take care the rabbit like to feed them, and hold the rabbit.

Look! The rabbit is cute, right?

The next destination was porcupine village. There’s a lots of porcupine lived in the aquarium. We also looked at the baby porcupine too. Nut it’s too small to hold. The guide taught us to hold the porcupine in the right way and how to bathe them….

Oh look! The porcupines were swimming and racing in the pool..

The next village that we visited was the turtle village, there were two turtles we could see the giant and the small one. The girl giant turtle was very old little bit unfriendly. The guide said we had to keep distance from her mouth.

We had a chance to brush her shell, bathe her, and dried the shell with the towel. It was very exciting!

That’s not all; we could sit on the giant turtle’s shell! These are some of the picture of our students that had tried to sit on her.

After we experienced the three villages we all gathered and went to the backyard of BFC mini Farm. Mr. Cuncun told us that we would have a game there, the game was catch the rabbit as many as the children could. Wasn’t it fun?!

We weren’t tired yet, after we caught the rabbits, Mr. Cuncun told us to move to the pool, because we wanted to catch the mini lobsters!

Look! The lobsters are many! Let’s catch it! It’s very fun!

Our activities in BFC farm almost finished, after we caught the lobsters we had to take a bath and rest to enjoy the goodies bag from Snowy’s English Bintaro! Finally all the activities were done. Before we go home don’t forget to capture our moment in BFC mini Farm! And got the souvenirs too!

Visit the minimarket with Mr. Brian Taylor


Hello everyone! We are back with our native class activity! This time, Mr. Brian as the native teacher taught us to shop at the minimarket and using English to speak to the minimarket staff. Snowy’s English Bintaro wanted its students to have an experience to shop by themselves, we taught them to be brave, children had to ask for the things that they needed or wanted. So, going to the minimarket was the right choice to develop their life skill.

The minimarket that we wanted to go is near to Snowy’s English Bintaro. We just need to walk from the centre to there. For the shopping activity, each child got the shopping list which contained pictures of the things they should buy. The children also had to bring Rp. 10.000 to pay all the items. Before we all went to the minimarket, Mr. Brian and Mr. Risky gave a short explanation about the shopping steps.

The first step when the children arrived at the minimarket: they had to get the shopping basket then the children had to look at the shopping list paper what things that had to get.

Wow, so many things that we wanted to get!

Second step: after the children took all of the groceries according to the shopping list they had to pay them meanwhile at the cashier, there were Mr. Brian and the minimarket staff waiting them. The children had to speak English with them like “I want to buy this” or “How much are they?”

After the students were finish with the shopping activities they had to back to Snowy’s English Bintaro. Oh! Don’t forget to take a picture together…say cheese!

When we’re back to our center, the children couldn’t wait to enjoy the snack they just bought. Now it’s time for the children to enjoy it together in the class.

Thanks to Mr. Brian teachers and Indomaret’s staff who helped the children experience the shopping activity with lots of fun. See you in the next adventure of our native class 🙂

Picture: Snowy English Bintaro